Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Siblings Learning Together

I so much enjoy witnessing organic learning amidst siblings throughout the day. I think it is a beautiful thing and it makes my nerdy heart happy!

For example, John (third grade) is formally learning cursive. This caused Mary (first grade) to want to learn cursive, so she began copying from John. Then Margaret (4) saw her big siblings learning and, without asking me to teach her, she copied out the cursive alphabet!

Margaret teaching herself cursive
One day, Margaret asked for Mary's help, so Mary drew her squares in which to practice properly sized letters 'G'. Mary assigned her ten and gave her a grade of 99 out of 100.

Margaret practicing 'G'

Now with three children taking piano, I'm watching them start to form a community amidst themselves around music. They talk about music, and help each other learn pieces on various instruments. It pleases me so much!

Concerto in Classical Style and Margaret's version

For example, John is currently learning 'Concerto in Classical Style' by Martha Miar. Mary has a good ear so she picked up how to play the melody from listening to him, and then she sat down her sister Margaret to teach her the beginning measures. After playing it for a day or two, Margaret then wrote out the music based on the most basic identification of notes (and labeled the song 'Star Brit').

Meanwhile, I knew nothing about what was going on in their little community of musicians except that my 4-year-old approached me with homemade sheet music and played for me a recognizable, nascent concerto that her 9-year-old brother is learning.

Margaret's transcription
How cute is that?!

I know it's hard, but I so much enjoy being here to homeschool these punkins and witness them learning together and teaching themselves.

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