Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow and Ice 2016

We made it through the much-anticipated snow and ice storm, losing power for only a few hours. The children very much enjoyed waking to a winter wonderland, then sledding and stomping around on the several inches of snow for three days.

"Where's my scarf, Mama?"

Chris went out with them in the frigid cold a few times, and I preferred my job, which was to stay indoors and make hot cocoa for the returning adventurers.

When our power went out, we filled our time by doing a school day by the light from the windows (CCE having been cancelled), everybody drew pictures, Mary wrote a musical composition, and then she gathered her younger siblings under the covers in bed and read them Frog and Toad.

Music Theory classes paying off

Margaret reading aloud to Thomas
Joseph (3) never got to play in the snow because he caught a bad cough-turned-fever from John who was, by now, well enough to play outside. Thomas got sick too--his first illness--so I spent a lot of the weekend just sitting around snuggling miserable boys who could be comforted only by a mama's arms.

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