Friday, January 22, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday


. . . decided to replace our back fence this week!

Watching the fence installation during school time
Our neighbors just had their fence replaced, including the shared north fence which is actually on our property (yay!), so we decided to use the crew to replace just our rear fence line for now, as it was heavily listing, soon to collapse.

Our new fence and back gate in the morning snow


I read a beautiful quote from journalist George A. Kendall  (The Wanderer, 24 December 2015) who was sharing some writing he discovered from his recently deceased, Catholic mother of many:

"To be shown by example, to be taught with gentleness, to be guided with firmness, to be directed with discipline--with all these bound together by the ties of faith, hope, and love is to be truly cherished and to have received the gifts which good parents, as co-creators with God, seek to give their children."

I could read that quote all day!

In other thrilling news: I was by myself this week for the first time since the baby was born lo those six months ago. I went for a twenty-minute walk All By Myself, and came back to a crying baby, but it sure was refreshing.


John can wear Thomas on his back! A whole new era is beginning!

Speaking of new eras, I taught John to do the boys' laundry this week, about which he is very proud. Never has the child had interest in folding and putting away his laundry, but the new responsibility made him excited to do it!


An unexpected bonus is that, without my involvement, John taught Mary how to do the girls' laundry, so I came upon the girls watching their handiwork in action.

Watching the laundry

Something I enjoy about homeschooling is that each child can go as slow or fast as need be in each subject, each book. This week, Mary finished a level of spelling: the days we finish a book are always full of racing around, announcing the fun news to Daddy and anyone who will listen.

Finished All About Spelling Level 3


Margaret has found renewed interest in the Colorama coloring book this week.


Joseph is teaching sword fighting early to Thomas . . .


A bookworm: starting him early!
Thomas tried his first solid foods: baked sweet potato thinned with water. Well, really this was Thomas' third food. His first 'solid food' was when he began eating a paper napkin tucked into my shirt while he was sitting in my lap: eek! Then his second 'solid food' was when a certain nine-year-old of mine who cluelessly didn't know any better fed him hot chocolate on purpose. The baby (who loved it) even had a chocolate mustache! Oh, this mama was not happy about that, let me tell you. Anyway, today was the first time Thomas ate solid foods intended for him!

I don't think I'll ever be relaxed about solids after our experience with our firstborn being unable to eat. I was so happy and relieved to see Thomas' nonchalant reaction to the food.

On the video, you can see that for the first bite, he momentarily leaves the bolus in his mouth, just sitting there, but he's not upset. By the fourth or fifth bite (not on video), Thomas was even opening his mouth in anticipation of the spoon and moving the bolus in his mouth until he swallowed it. Mama is so happy!

Perplexed but never crying about the food

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  1. I LOVE that picture of Thomas with the books! So beautiful!