Monday, December 14, 2015

Truffle Party

Tonight I attended my first truffle party with a half dozen other ladies . . . what a great idea! We created many dozens of truffles using six different base flavors and about as many various toppings, then divided them up to take home to our loved ones. I hope to keep ours sequestered away until Christmas Eve!

Quote of the Day:

Scene: The children and I are clustered around the kitchen table, discussing what the children could buy or make for Daddy for Christmas. One child speaks up and suggests eagerly, "I think we should give Daddy some peace and quiet!"

Fellow homeschooling mothers, you can imagine the restraint I had to exercise not to ask where my gift of peace and quiet was and why Daddy, who gets peace and quiet all day in his office, was being given this gift and not myself!

Oh well, my husband knows all too well that as soon as he arranges for me to have some peace and quiet, I just start worrying excessively about the little pumpkins and whether they are okay without me.

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