Sunday, December 13, 2015

Feast of St. Lucy and Gaudete Sunday 2015

I tried to make the table pretty for the feast of St. Lucy, which is always associated with light, candles, sparkling things.

Gaudete Sunday and the pink candle lit!

Our purchased St. Lucy crown broke last year in its first time being worn, so this year I asked the girls on the day prior to "go make some St. Lucy crowns out of paper!" I was relieved they found this project to be fun and it occupied them for some time.

Selfie of two St. Lucia girls

After Mass and lunch, we visited the Ritz Carlton for convenient valet parking and viewing of the beautiful gingerbread house. It was quite an opportunity for humor to be joking with the valet attendant about being sure to return our minivan in as good of condition as he found it--and you can imagine it is pretty filthy condition with five little kids and our not even having cleaned it out since our Thanksgiving road trip!--while a stream of more fitting cars are pulling up: Escalade, Porsche, BMW, and so forth.

Ritz Carlton gingerbread house causing gasps of awe

We made our way to the Leonard Bearstein concert--yes, mechanical bears singing secular Christmas music--in Founders Hall, having decided that it is not yet our 'season in life' to try to attend the concert of Handel's Messiah at the beautiful church downtown which was our original plan.

Joseph amazed at the mechanical bears

We rounded out this feast of St. Lucy and Gaudete Sunday by buying our Christmas tree: we have grand hopes of getting lights put up on it sometime this week.

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