Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Octave Day Two

Dec. 26: the feast day of St. Stephen the First Martyr

I'm so excited by new books received at Christmas that I'm intending to do a feature during this octave called "The Eight Days of Books." See at the end of this post.

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Ah, the day after Christmas . . . a day of putting the house back to rights and for Mama generally to slow down and take deep breaths!

After some housecleaning, the children rode bikes and we went for a walk: Margaret is transitioning fast from her 12" bike to her 16" one! (Note her encouraging Joseph with "practice makes perfect!")

During Quiet Time, I stumbled upon John and Mary attempting to bake quick bread all by themselves from Mary's new children's cookbook. I tried very hard to stay out of their independent endeavors, but extracted from them a promise that anyone who bakes has to clean up after him or herself. The deal struck, they tried to renege on it later, but I held them fast, whereupon they discovered just how much elbow grease is required to scrub away flour and activated gluten from sundry surfaces!

We quickly made their baking accomplishment a festive affair by setting out the hot rolls with butter, lighting a pretty Christmas candle, and opening a few belated gifts that arrived by today's post.

The Eight Days of Books

Today's featured book is "Rabbit School" (1924), written in German poetry translated to English: the story of sibling bunnies Hans and Gretchen who go to school. This lovely book of fine verse, soothing and engaging, was written Albert Sixtus, by a famous German children's author whose body of work is about 70 titles. Age appropriateness: I think children ages 2-1/2 to 6 will particularly like this title. This book is out of print but can be purchased used.

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