Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Octave Day Three

Attending Mass . . . 

. . . puzzling over new Christmas gifts . . . 

. . . watching the Panthers lost their first game all season . . .

. . . and plenty of reading aloud with Mama!

The Eight Days of Books

Not all worthwhile books are fine literature and today's is an example: The Truck Book (1978) by Harry McNaught is an extensive collection of various trucks, with their names and descriptions. The writing is not filled with cheap rhymes and annoying anthropomorphism of vehicles, but instead is a simple and dignified description of the purposes of trucks which will appeal to the serious little boy. I realize there will be exceptions, but in general young boys will love pouring over this book, especially after it has been read enough times that they have memorized the names of the trucks.

Age appropriateness: I think boys as young as 18 months would enjoy this book, my boy almost-three is engrossed, and I have a sneaking feeling I'll be finding my 9-year-old examining this book when he notices it.

It is good to read a truck like this with a hammer close at hand.

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