Monday, November 9, 2015

Nebraska: Day Four

We made it home from Lincoln to Charlotte on Monday, which is about all good I can say about the flight.

There were numerous snafus, most involving the airline staff repeatedly seating me in rows that disallow an infant (because there are only a few locations with infant oxygen masks on a plane) and then doing complex moving maneuvers to get me seated. Several staff in a row didn't know what they were doing with the computer system, plus I got stopped by security twice in Lincoln, such that I almost missed my plane.

This caused me not to have snacks or water for the flight, which was not good for this nursing mama.

I knew my layover in Chicago was only 55 minutes, which was going to be bad given that my earlier 90-minute layover there was barely enough. I was seated in the last row of the plane, the last to be allowed to exit, so had no time for visiting the restroom, changing a diaper, getting any food or water. I ran from E to B terminals and got there as my flight was boarding.

I got a whopping 8 oz of water on that flight and found an old snack bar hidden in my backpack but was feeling really sick by the time I landed.


Thomas was basically very calm on these flights too, thank goodness. Either he slept, or he was happily awake . . . as long as I bounced him and made smiling, googly expressions into his face nonstop. It is amazing to me that even before four months old, a baby can already be so smart as to require constant interaction and stimulus.


What sweetness to see my family again! I wasn't in the car, whisking toward home, till after six at night, so Chris promptly buzzed us through drive-through to get me food and drink.

Home, sweet home!

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