Monday, October 19, 2015

Thomas Vincent at 3 Months

Thomas Vincent turned 3 months old today!

According to an informal weighing on the home scale, he weighs 16 pounds, meaning he has doubled his weight already. Chris notes that if he didn't spit up all day long, he'd weigh 472 pounds.

I am delighted just in the last one to two weeks to seeing a real wake-and-sleep pattern emerging. Predictability saves my sanity! Thomas wakes around 7:00, falls asleep around 9:00, sleeps for one to two hours (while I teach school), wakes, takes an early afternoon nap, wakes, then takes a fourth nap at 4:00 (while I prepare dinner), followed by going to sleep for the night around 8:00. His nine o'clock and four o'clock naps are so predictable that I can be sure to take him upstairs, wrap him in his magical swaddling blanket, and get him to sleep in 5-10 minutes, thus laying him down on the bed so I can be hands free.

The baby is cooing as of this week, having long, loud "conversations" with me. I tried to capture his cooing on video, but he freezes up every time he sees that camera phone come out.

In other accomplishments, Thomas can roll from front to back, attempts jerkily to reach for dangling toys, and will intentionally grasp a small toy if I put it into his hand. I would be remiss to mention that he is a record-breaking projectile spitter-upper as well.

Because some friends are interested, I will add that I'm not able to put away the pump yet but have weaned down to twice daily and almost to once daily. Soon, soon I hope to reduce my supply enough that I can be done with that task!


  1. My goodness, he's cute!

  2. LOL @ Chris' assessment of potential weight. The nap timing sounds great! Keep it up, Thomas!