Sunday, September 27, 2015

What We're Reading: "Rabbit Hill"

I had never heard of Robert Lawson's "Rabbit Hill" (1944) but picked up the audiobook version of it while perusing the shelf at the public library recently. This book turned out to be an absolute delight, most loved by the eight-year-old and me.

Mothers of boys will appreciate this excerpt, as Mother Rabbit worries about the new folks moving in to the human's house: 
"DOWN in the Rabbit burrow Mother was worrying harder than usual. Any occurrence, good or bad, which upset the quiet order of Mother's days always brought on a fit of worry, and of course the present great excitement had resulted in a perfect frenzy. She had thought of every danger or unpleasantness which might accompany the arrival of new Folks and was now inventing new and unlikely ones. She had discussed the possibility of Dog, Cats, and Ferrets; of shotguns, rifles, and explosives; of traps and snares; of poisons and poison gases. There might even be BOYS! "
This is a charming, light story of a bevy of small animals who anticipate the new folks moving into the long-empty farmhouse. "There's folks and there's folks."

I highly recommend this one for the whole family!


  1. I wrote a long comment last night...then lost it...anyway, I just ordered this book for my soon to be 9 year old's birthday...thank you! I love everything you write! That was such a moving account of all you (and husband and others) have done to try to be able to nurse your current baby...I can relate to your struggles, though, I never had your success...Please say a little prayer for me...we are praying about a new baby (5th), but it's hard for me to know that I probably couldn't pump for a full year like I did with our last two (they nursed, but I also had to pump...and #3 didn't need formula but #4 did just like 1 and 2) just makes me sad knowing that with homeschooling four children I just would not have that time for the 12 months of pumping to try and have any amount of supply....I tried so many things...but also I didn't have your background...anyway, I don't know why I always choose 10 pm as the time to try and write anything that makes the least bit of sense....Thanks for all that you have a beautiful family and you are helping so many of us...those who comment and those who never will....those you know and those you will never meet......thank you for the ministry that you provide! Your free time is so limited and yet you choose to keep record memories for your own family and to inspire wives and mothers who are blessed to come across your blog! Thank you so much!

  2. Dear K . . . Thank you! You don't know how much I needed to hear feedback like yours. I deeply appreciate it.

    I see you comment sometimes. Are you Kate who I met at Mothering with Grace and who moved away a couple of years ago?

    No way could I pump in an extended way now that I have four children, just as you said. I praise God Thomas learned to nurse when he did because my help left and I was crashing and burning. No way could have I continued to pump exclusively. Full-time pumping moms are absolute heroines!!!

  3. Hey Katherine! Yes...Kate! :). We moved to Wake Forest, NC in August 2014. We miss our old parish (St. Michael's), but we love our new parish, too (st. Catherine of Siena)...and we've met many wonderful people here...and it's nice to see my parents and sister/only sibling more.... ...loved your Life chain post....we missed it for the second year in a row...I don't think it's as big here as it was in Charlotte...we hope to still participate in the local 40 Days campaign...
    I learn so much from you! Please keep writing! :)

  4. phone does not like me...yet another comment erased...I need to remember to only write comments on the laptop...anyway, yes, Katherine, K is me...Kate! Ha! We moved to Wake Forest, NC in August 2014. We miss our old parish (St. Michael's), but we love our new parish, too (St. Catherine of Siena). We've met many wonderful people here, and it is nice to see my parents and sister/only sibling more. I enjoyed your recent posts...including the Life Chain one... I just love your blog...I learn so much!!...I love your humility, too... God bless!! :) Kate