Saturday, September 26, 2015

Parish Carnival 2016

The annual carnival is our parish's biggest annual fundraiser and an event our children anticipate all year. About two months ahead of time, they each draw up little calendars to mark off the days. 

I look forward to it all year because I can buy Miss C.K.'s famous beer bread at the ladies' bake sale!

A fine mist and occasional outright sprinkle kept us wet all day, which unfortunately resulted in fewer crowds (= less fundraising). The temperature was quite pleasant and many of the games and bouncy houses were simply housed indoors, so the experience was pretty good.

Cotton candy!

Mary and friends

Thomas amicably spent most of the day sleeping in my sling.

John (8) got to be a Big Boy this year and stay behind with Daddy during his end-of-day volunteer shift at the BBQ booth while I took the younger children home. Age has its privileges.

Teaching the children to walk like ducklings

As we drove home, Mary (6) remarked wistfully, "I wish Carnival could last all year . . ."

The children were absolutely tuckered out by their long day of excitement. Not only did they all actually get tucked in bed without protest at 8:00, but they were all (except Miss Night Owl, of course) asleep within five minutes.

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