Saturday, August 1, 2015

Frenectomy Report

Thomas' frenectomy procedure on Friday went well. I would have been a basket case of tears had I not been through this with two boys before.

Waiting for the doctor to join us

So far, Thomas is not the 'miracle baby' Joseph was--having his frenectomy and transitioning from exclusively bottle-fed to exclusively breastfed within 12 hours. I think little Thomas will be more typical in needing a lot of help and teaching: time will tell! I remain incredibly grateful for my husband's support and encouragement to take these days to help Thomas learn to nurse, even though it means I'm not running the home or making meals, supervising children or homeschooling them.


  1. I hope the coming days go well!!!!

  2. Glad it went well and hope the learning curve moves quickly! You look great and Thomas looks so sweet asleep