Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tongue Tie Revision Is Tomorrow

Plastic to the rescue! I try my best to pump when Thomas is napping but a few times per day, I can't coordinate the timing, which leaves Thomas screaming for fifteen long minutes. I just dug out a freebie newborn pacifier that came with our new car seat and gave it to Thomas . . . my first baby to keep a paci in his mouth! Thank God for a calm baby for those minutes. 

Maybe it won't be too much longer that I'm juggling quite this much . . . an appointment opened up such that Thomas' tongue tie revision is scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning instead of three weeks from now! Please pray for a good procedure, easy recovery, and the baby's ability to learn how to nurse.

Bonus reading that deeply touched my heart in particular during this journey of mine right now: "When Lactation Doesn't Work" by Alison Stuebe, M.D.

Pics of Joseph proudly holding his baby brother and Thomas not enjoying it:

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