Sunday, July 5, 2015

Car Seat Needs a Passenger

Today Chris set up the new baby's infant seat, our having recently scoured through our collection of car seats and thrown away those expired (6+ years old). 

One o'clock in the afternoon: Joseph wearing pajamas,
with dirty shirt from the day before--his having slept in it--
and his face covered in dried Fudgesicle, which is what he ate for lunch.
Yeah, Mama's on bed rest alright!

I felt this time around that I might actually have use for transporting the baby in his/her bucket seat at times rather than waking up the baby while transferring to my sling, so we purchased a double stroller that pairs with the car seat. Joseph is very excited and feels like a king, declaring that "the 'born baby will sit behind me!" (He calls the baby a "'born baby" instead of "newborn.")

Blurry, but you get the point.

After Chris and I have chatted over the months about the best new seating arrangement, we are trying this one based on who can do his own buckles, who still throws tantrums, and which pairs of kids are fighting the most at this time.
Dolly Sally testing out the new car seat