Monday, July 13, 2015

A Fire Extinguisher Lesson

With Mama pregnant longer than she's ever been and being out of commission, for the most part, Daddy (also known as The Hero) has been running the house and doing a lot of activities with the children. They are greatly enjoying the time with him!

One evening, Chris set up the camping tent in the bonus room, put a television in there, and let the kids drag all their sleeping bags and blankies up there. We had to laugh when not one child lasted the night up there but, as each one was actually ready to fall asleep, he or she came back to his or her own bed.

Watching a movie in the tent

Taking the other three kids to John's soccer practice

Lego Star Wars: kids having earned a few minutes of video game time with Daddy

Today Chris decided to teach the family about how small fire extinguishers work, so he set a fire in the back yard and let John put it out: a great lesson and yet the kind of thing Mama would never do!


  1. What a great idea the fire extinguisher lesson was! I would never do anything like that either...I was so excited to see that you posted as I've been checking and was certain that your next post would be a birth announcement (of a girl....just my guess)! Hang in there :)

  2. Looks like fun! I hope baby decides to come soon for you.

  3. When you use a fire extinguisher like this, do you have to throw it away afterward? Or can they be kept for reuse? Either way, it sounds like a very good experience to have.

  4. Frances: These particular fire extinguishers are quite petite and meant to be disposable. We had recently bought them off of Amazon to keep under the kitchen sink. They aren't the larger kind meant for being recharged.

  5. I’ve been checking in daily, looking for news. At least all this waiting is being enjoyed by the children:-) Prayers for a happy delivery!

  6. Yup, everytime there is an at-home "camping" experience, the kids end up in their own beds! What a great lesson!