Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outdoor Stations of the Cross

Continuing our Week of Field Trips . . . 
On Tuesday, a group of homeschoolers got together at a local parish which is known for its outdoor, life-size Stations of the Cross statues. They encompass the large parking lot on the wooded property, making a very child- (boy!) friendly prayer experience, as we get to walk and stretch our legs between each station.
At each station, the children led the prayers. Our biggest challenge was focusing the children's attention and sticks away from the innumerable piles of red ant nests.

A good turnout of families!

Mary read Station #1 and John read Station #2

Then we drove to a nearby park and ate our picnic lunches before a couple hours of vigorous play in the spring sunshine.

The Big Boys playing football

Joseph climbing

Joseph climbing

Margaret, newly four

Mary swinging like a monkey


  1. Sarah: It is St. Joseph's Vietnamese church.