Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge March 2015

Thus begins a Week of Field Trips! We haven't been going on many field trips in the last months, and this week happens to coincide a whole stretch of them, so we're taking off almost all academic book work for the week. 

Sunday and Monday was spent at Great Wolf Lodge, both in celebration of Margaret's birthday and as a trip for which the kids had been earning through some special work for months on end. Some friends of ours happened to be going to Great Wolf too, so we coordinated the dates of our trip to exponentially increase the fun.

Eleven children ages under 1 to 10
The children enjoyed lots of swimming. Mama discovered the night before the trip that none of her bathing suits--not even maternity--fit her, so she had to wear street clothes in the pool while supervising tiny tots (the only thing that would drag her into a pool anyway). Fun memories were made at dinner in the Lodge restaurant, at pizza lunch poolside, and more.


On the second day, Daddy had an important conference call he couldn't miss and Mama wasn't about to supervise alone four children in the water (with a couple thousand other people), so we ventured into the arcade. It may be extremely loud and a huge money-suck, but at least an arcade isn't deadly.

The kids got their first lessons about how arcades take your money like a thief, and how those claw games never really do give you the prize. Then you work so hard to earn your tickets only to turn in hundreds of them and earn about $1 in prizes. Nonetheless, they thought it was pretty fun. (And Mama learned that one must be vigilant even in a family-friendly place: one motorcycle-riding game that seemed fine when we paid the money then switched screens to one of scantily clad women dancing in a very provocative way. Mama yanked the children off the game instantly and marched us away. )

A fun time was had by all, but Mama is very happy to be home in the quiet peace of home without the din of deafening noise at that water park. Stay tuned for Tuesday's field trip report!

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  1. That sounds like lots of fun! We have a GWL that just opened 15 minutes away from us. I've been wanting to check it out!