Sunday, September 14, 2014

Young Chamber Musicians' Competition

Daddy and his children

Attending a performance of fine music usually costs a pretty penny, so we leapt at the opportunity to buy tickets at ten dollars apiece for Chris to take John and Mary to the Young Chamber Musicians' Competition held at Davidson College.

This contest began with something like 300 video entries, which were narrowed down to two final contestants for ages 14-17 and two for ages 18-23. The performance would be each group (e.g., a trio) playing two pieces.

Picturesque Davidson College

Their balcony seats

The view from their seats

I think this is how Mary listens to music--the vibrations (see here too!)

Mary rapturous
The children arrived home at eleven at night, talking a mile-a-minute about all they had heard. It was a wonderful experience we hope to repeat next year!


  1. What a neat experience! -Emiliann W.

  2. I heard about this on the radio, I'm glad your kids got to go. I really like Mary's hairstyle.