Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Recipe: Kid-Friendly Quiche

Some families have Picky Kid Problems to varying degrees and, without getting into details about our particular children, I am delighted to share this recipe for a kid-friendly quiche!

Quiche is a great source of protein and a good family dish because slices can be reheated during the week for breakfast or lunch too. Also, quiches freeze beautifully, so it's always useful to make two at once, freezing one for a quick dinner night. Quiche also travels well when making meals for a new mother or ill family.

In our family, I make quiche every week or two . . . but none of our kids eat it, which means making something else they will eat (taking a Picky Kid Problem to a Poor Parenting Problem). Chris and I are working very hard these days to rectify that situation, so I thought about quiche:

  • Are there any kid-friendly quiches? 
  • What qualities would make a kid-friendly quiche?
  • And what if I stripped out all vegetables and meat just to get the kids accustomed to plain quiche?

A blogger named Mrs. Karpiuk has published a kid-friendly quiche recipe at her blog. The key seems to be using fewer eggs and incorporating a baking mix (flour) to make the texture more bready and less eggy. I believe therein lies the key!

Also, I made the quiche into muffins (using foil muffin 'papers'). I intended to take a photo of the pretty display of steaming muffins stacked on a serving platter at the table, but the family devoured them all so quickly, the moment was lost.

Since our children already "know" they dislike quiche, I called these "gougeres muffins," being inspired by their flavor to remember how much I adored gougeres (French cheese puffs) that some very sophisticated friends of our used to make every time they had us over for a dinner party.

My goal with this quiche would be to slowly increase the eggs and decrease the baking mix, and ultimately add in vegetables and meat.

Bon appetit!

Special note: Because I did not add the vegetables or meat, I used only half the milk in the recipe.


  1. How do your kids feel about a simple cheese soufflé? Even my youngest ones adore it. We are having it for dinner tonight. Might be a nice "bridge" texture...

  2. Priscilla: The quiche muffins were eaten up!

    Christine: I had the exact same thought to try souffle!