Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Latta Plantation Home Schooling Day Fall 2014

Yesterday was the first day of fall and we suddenly said 'farewell for now!' to summer heat, welcoming a drizzly day in the 60s. So today when the baby decided five thirty was the time to wake up for the day, I decided I might as well make our favorite pumpkin muffins for a quick breakfast before a family time of Eucharistic Adoration at church.

Today was similarly cool and even more rainy, and we even got to break out the corduroy clothing!, but it was perhaps not quite so delightful for a field trip to the Latta Plantation. We waited until noon to arrive, hoping the rain would lighten up, but in the end we came home five drowned rats anyway.

Discover Latta . Home School Day.
September 24th, 2014 (10am-2pm)
Featured Programs:
Life on the Farm & Civil War Soldier Life
Soldiers Fall In! Toy musket in hand, kids will march and drill as a Civil War Soldier while learning in-depth of both Confederate and Union armies. Students will also partake in 19th century farm chores including gathering drinking water, eggs, and firewood during the Life on The Farm program. Visitors will meet the Latta farm animals, see the Yeoman Farm Cabin, and see the Kitchen Garden all while learning of the importance of Cotton on the Plantation. No reservations are required ($6 per person, children 4 & under FREE) 
Enjoy aspects of two popular education programs Life on the Farm and Civil War Soldiers Life throughout the day.

Schedule of Event:
10:00 Doors Open
10:30 Civil War Soldier Presentation
11:00 Cotton Processing
Animal Presentation
11:30 Civil War Soldier Presentation
Hitching Maude the Mule
12:00 Drill & Battle
1:00 Cotton Processing
Animal Presentation
1:30 Civil War Soldiers Program
Hitching Maude the Mule
2:00 Event Ends

Ongoing Activities/Demos:
Open House Tour
Open Hearth Cooking
19th Century Farm Chores
(Gathering Firewood, Eggs, Drinking Water, etc.)

Food/ Beverage:
The gift shop will be open serving Coke products and an array of snacks at an affordable value for you to enjoy while visiting the site. Bring your own picnic lunch, outdoor tables available for use and are located at our gift shop/heritage center.

$6 Per-Person, Children 4 & Under FREE NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED

The children were all lent wooden rifles and then led by two 'generals' in a battle all over the grounds. It was so fun to watch!

Two sides face each other

One side shooting

The other side shooting

The battle ends

Wearing big brother's hat

The cotton processing presentation is when the rain started to pour and we had to admit defeat. A fun time was still had by all!

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  1. Awww! I'm so glad fall's here. And those muffins look divine!! -Emiliann W.