Monday, September 22, 2014

Christmas Jumpers

Part of clothing management for those who are seamstresses is to sew in advance of the need. Often, or even usually, I miss that window and then I have to look at the bright side: 'Oh look! I happen to be able to carve out some time this week so I can finally use that flannel I bought I-don't-know-how-many-years-ago to sew some winter jumpers to use a few months from now!'

I plan to give these festive flannel jumpers to the girls on St. Nicholas' feast day just in time to wear (with long-sleeve white blouses) to various Christmas celebrations and for the remainder of the cold winter.

It's not too early to start any sewing projects for Christmas. I have four coordinating 'secret somethings' I bought a few months ago which I intend to start sewing now in order to have them ready as Christmas gifts for the children.

Are you starting any delightful sewing or craft projects? (Like making Jesse tree ornaments . . . now would be the time!)

(A meditation that came to me: If I were pregnant, I couldn't post a picture of sweet homemade jumpers . . . maybe I could post a photo of my growing belly and ask the reader to imagine all my energy and then some being directed into the growth of the wee babe leaving me just to lie on the couch and vomit. And if I had an infant right now--instead of a 20-month-old who runs off with his siblings--I wouldn't post a photo of dresses but of my little baby, lying there being sweet, and the reader would just have to imagine the cumulative ten hours per day spent holding him, nursing him, and bouncing him to happiness. We mothers all have seasons and they fluctuate often!)


  1. How darling! Good job. -Emiliann W.

  2. The jumpers are lovely. And very well said about the seasons of motherhood.

  3. I love the jumpers. And thank you for thinking of us mothers that might feel like they need to be producing such lovely jumpers for their own children, but can't due to the normal demands of their stage of motherhood. And also for the reminder that I WILL be ready for advent this year. :)