Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Little Copyist

Mary enjoys copying words that she sees around the house. Lately this has resulted in some quite humorous words that I have found copied carefully on the edge of newspaper or journal articles left about, words whose definitions Mary does not know: they're not bad per se, just adult subject matter, things we would not discuss with a four-year-old. I think nothing of leaving a newspaper lying about and it's just occurring to me now that we have burgeoning readers in the house so I'd better be more careful!

A lengthy period of Mary being quietly missing today did not mean she was doing mischief but that she was copying these words out of "The Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints" . . . and then from the Sony stereo (see toward the bottom).


  1. She has lovely handwriting! Cherish it and encourage it. Apparently I am raising a house full of doctors with all their chicken scratch.

  2. How very funny! And what lovely handwriting she has.

  3. That is really awesome. And the fact that she randomly copies on her own tells me that she is going to have lovely handwriting. She clearly enjoys it. Its better than my 3rd grader's.