Saturday, January 5, 2013

Breakfast Getaway

Two days shy of 36 weeks

I enjoyed the loveliest breakfast with a few girlfriends this morning--a little getaway of girl chat for three relaxing hours before having this baby! Thank you to my friends for coming and thank you to all our husbands for making our absences from the homes possible!

On a hunch I went hunting on the blog and found a picture of myself I'd taken at exactly one day shy of 36 weeks with Margaret wearing the very same sweater! Is my current baby already dropped lower? Hhhhmmmm.


  1. It was a lovely morning. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The hubby did just fine with the 3 kiddoes at the party, and he got to be super dad!
    I do think you are lower!!!

  2. Yes it does look like you are carrying lower!

  3. You're carrying completely differently, and your belly is much smaller this time around...wondering if it's a posterior/anterior thing (recalling how Margaret was posterior)...or maybe things are just "stretchier" so you look like you're carrying lower...or maybe you've "dropped" and that's an indication this baby will come sooner...? Who knows? I'm excited to find out!

  4. Rebecca: Oh, PLEASE let us pray that I look lower this time because baby is anterior versus Margaret who was persistent posterior.

  5. You do look a lot lower at 36 weeks with this pregnancy. Maybe that means the baby has dropped sooner!