Monday, December 3, 2012

Thirty-One Week Flurry

Yesterday I realized that I am now 31 weeks pregnant. That puts me six weeks away from when I had #1, six-and-a-half from #3, and seven weeks from #2.

And that's when some panic set in, which is never good when it's nine at night and time to go to sleep. A night of rapid thoughts and mental list-making ensued.

As a note, I am trying hard not to cling to the idea (like it is a phenomenon) that "I give birth early." I remind myself often of certain friends of mine who have been able to tell me of having two, three, four babies several weeks early and then one came at 42 weeks. Nonetheless, I now feel on a more rapid count-down than I had realized! (On this topic, I don't even like the talk of "early" and "late," as if forty weeks is a DUE DATE instead of a median of the normal human physiology among low-risk pregnancies of 38-42 weeks, a "date of expiration" invented by a botanist based on his reading of the Bible.)

Thus laying awake--because losing sleep and worrying are always useful for getting tasks completed.


Check-done!  Schedule baptism.

Check-done!  Schedule get-together, catch-up visit with my beloved doula. (Haven't used a doula during labor before? They're great! After using one for my first labor, Chris said we'd never have another labor without one. See here for statistics--as well as here and here and here.)

Start talking about name choices with husband (we are so relaxed this time!).

Buy the only things I think I need for a new baby:
     newborn disposable diapers
     attachment thingy to connect universal car seat to our stroller
     new ring sling
     new nursing cover (for fun)

Retrieve boy and girl newborn clothing from attic.

Teach three children how to sleep better through the night.

Order refreshed medical supplies for home birth kit.

Install baby car seat.

Organize all closets and quite a few bureau drawers in the house (because who can have a baby without organized closets?).

Catch up on pile o' papers on Mama's desk and filing to be done (for same reason as above).

Do a major Goodwill run (because I feel suffocated by unnecessary clutter and I'd rather take care of a newborn than clutter).


  1. You're farther along in the nesting than I!!!! I'm 10 days away from my estimated due date, and I still have a couple closets that remain disorganized!! As well as pockets of clutter than are just driving me bonkers. And yet, I've reached that too tired and achy to do anything other than sit on the couch phase...

  2. I have no idea how anyone has a baby without organized closets. :) Haha. I had sooo much time to get everything organized numerous times, that I'm still reaping the benefits! Yay for nesting!

  3. If I had your history of 37-38 week deliveries I would be prepared too, just in case this baby follows suit. I have a friend who had three 39 week deliveries and #4 was delivered at 41.3. She was.... Surprised and eager for baby to arrive!

  4. Christine, those are the kind of anecdotes I need to hear to try to keep myself from becoming too locked-in to an idea!

  5. Scoop the closet contents into the goodwill bag and save yourself a lot of trouble. And save the goodwill bag for 6 weeks postpartum when Chris can watch the kids and you can leave for 45 minute alone.

    It's going to be great no matter what you do or don't get done. Your baby doesn't care if your desk is organized. You baby cares only that the milk is ready on demand. So be sure and get that nursing cover!

  6. Ack 31 weeks!! Prayers for you to feel calm. You can have a baby with practically nothing... so just remember that if you have to (you actually told me that!). It does seem like it sneaks up on you and then you are in full panic mode. I hope getting some things crossed off your list make you feel calmer.

  7. So excited for you're new arrival - you're getting so close!

  8. I like the item that states: Teach three children how to sleep better through the night. :) Hope you can get that one checked off!
    I'm not in nesting mode yet, but this does remind me we have an entire bedroom to clear out, paint and set up in advance of this baby arriving! (Yipes!)
    Prayers for you!

  9. Eek! I'm 28 and I've never delivered before 39, so I've got a while, but I cannot even think about baby readiness until after the holidays! I love your list, though, especially this: "Teach three children how to sleep better through the night." All three of the boys still co-sleep and I would LOVE it if the older two were in their own beds all night by February!