Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pajama Pants for John

Today I sewed pajama pants for John. The pants in this pattern are so easy and take me about 90 minutes (less for a more experienced seamstress), while the pajama shirt in this pattern takes two to three times as long.

My readers might get a chuckle by seeing "behind the curtain," the reality behind these charming little pajama pants. This morning I told the kids that I was going to do some sewing and John asked what project I'd be working on. I showed him a dress I was planning for Mary. He dug around through my pile of projects, pulling one out, and asked me please would I make him a pair of pajama pants? Well, I felt badly about the fact that most of what I sew is for Mary (because it is easy to find clothing we like for a boy, but not easy to find clothing that we like for a girl). Therefore, I scrapped my plans and spent my day sewing the pajama pants for John.

Tonight at bedtime, I excitedly showed him the pants. He replied that he'd rather wear his (store-bought) construction vehicles pajamas. What? I reminded him that I had had other sewing plans today but that he had asked me to sew these for him, so I wanted him to wear them. In a rare display nearing a tantrum (rarely seen in John at this age), he stomped his foot and screamed, "No!" I was gasping with upset feelings and told him that he had to try them on no matter what. I was fighting back tears at having my feelings hurt by a four-year-old, which goes to show my still immaturity as a mama. The standoff came to an end because John tried on the pants and I discovered I must have miscalculated my math because the pants are way too big. Either I'll do some cutting and sewing to make them fit or I'll toss them in a drawer for when he's about seven years old.

Contrast his behavior to my girlie girl who today discovered her (almost) finished jumper and matching bloomers (I'm still waiting to buy buttons for the jumper). She shrieked, "It's my dress! My dress! You can put it on me! Let's go show Daddy!" and immediately began dressing herself. Then she ran down the hall squealing, "Yipee! Yipee!"


  1. Oh wow- Mary's excitement sounds like mine as a child. I used to stand by mom's sewing machine and literally scream down the hall to my dad where we were in the project. Imagine a four year old screaming "the sleeves are on!" and "the collar is finished!" But my mom could make magic at the sewing machine. Mary will cherish those memories her entire life! I'm sorry about the standoff with John. I hope you can either resize or just save them like you said.

  2. oh how sad for you that john rebuffed the special pants! my kids do that to me all the time. Brats!
    Agnes, though, is more like Mary. When I sew something and call her over to try it on, she gasps so cutely and says, "Fuh ME? YAY!" It's very gratifying. :)