Monday, November 22, 2010


You know your toddler is tired when she falls asleep on the floor at 11:30 a.m. Mary ended up taking an hour-long nap here. Note the little overturned glass bowl by her head: I had been in the kitchen eating a snack when I turned my back momentarily, who can remember why, I think it was to answer the phone. Then I began hunting around for my trail mix. Where was it? Where could it have gone? Truly, I turned the kitchen upside down and was mystified about where my chocolate-peanut-raisin goodness had vanished to. Only later did I notice the now empty glass dish by Mary, telling me that somehow she sneaked into the kitchen at just the right moment, saw an unguarded snack, and ran off with it!

The kids and I spent long hours outdoors in the afternoon. John spent considerable time experimenting with an old dry rotted log, poking at it with a plastic stick, when suddenly he poked through to an ant's nest! It was exciting for us all to see a seemingly endless stream of big red ants marching out of their log fortress. I hovered over the kids to make sure nobody got bit.

Another project John undertook was to traipse around the yard, "collecting flowers for God." He said we could place them in front of a crucifix. (And on a related note, Mary's latest is to demand, apropos of nothing, that we "pray for souls" and then she won't stop bugging us until we stop what we're doing and say prayers for the faithful departed and those in purgatory, while she has her little hands folded, and then makes the sign of the cross.)

Recently we bought a little fire pit which we placed on the deck, so we have been lighting fires most nights after dinner. We have so much fallen timber on our lot most of the time that we've hardly had to buy any wood at all. Now it is a fun game for the kids to collect logs for Daddy to burn (hence the ant-ridden log). Above is a photo of the kids bundled up, ready to venture out into the dark. Both kids are smiling a little bit oddly.

Finally I stocked us with ingredients for s'mores, so we made our first dessert treats over the fire pit. The kids were beyond happy!

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  1. I think John looks more like Chris than he usually does in the "smiling" picture. :)