Monday, November 8, 2010

Lincoln Day 3

Being on East Coast time and having the fall-back time change occur meant my children were awake and spinning on chairs at five in the morning.

After Mass, the whole family gathered for a photo session with a professional photographer. The results will be lovely, but anyone with little kids can imagine the stress of trying to get mine to cooperate for a couple of hours.

After taking John and Mary for a driving nap in the car, Aunt Erica joined us to visit the bison. John had been anticipating seeing real live bison for two days!

It was a very windy day, but balmy.

Mary went vertical, of course.

Then we visited the giant Indian statue (blowing smoke signals) in the same park. The statue is at the top of a tall hill overlooking a grassy field, so one really feels like one is at the top of the world up there.

And Mary likes being at the top of the world!

We had a casual dinner back at Grampa's house, the memory book was presented to Grampa, and stories were told. Aunt Erica sang some old folk songs with John and he was absolutely fascinated with "playing" piano alongside her. I explained to him that I have the same song book at home (Fireside) and he is insistent that I sing the songs to him.

Big hand, little hand

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  1. Playing the piano- too cute!! Your kids are getting so very big! :-)