Friday, October 22, 2010

Snapshots of Friday

My rule that "food stays in the kitchen" results in Miss Mary often eating breakfast or snack on the dividing line between the kitchen and the den because she wants to be playing in the den, but I tell her that food has to stay in the kitchen. Right up to the edge of the law!

Cooking vegan chili for a LLL conference our chapter is hosting tomorrow (other ladies are cooking the meat batches)--thanks to Harris Teeter and Trader Joe's for the donations!

I finally went over to the dark side: I asked Chris to buy me a portable DVD player. I'm the one who has a DVD player in the ceiling of my van and I've forbidden anyone from telling the children what it is. When John asks, I just say that it has buttons in it that turn on lights (which is true). So far, I have foregone having the kids zone out to movies on our long trips to Atlanta because I know my children and I suspect that I will suffer with them begging for TV every single time we get into the van. But, anyway, it finally dawned on me that I see a difference between the vehicle scenario and getting a portable DVD player for when I take airplane flights. How many airplane flights have I taken across the country by myself with one or both children? And there has never been a movie for them to watch. So we suffer, we try to entertain ourselves, I am exhausted, they are wretched. If I could give them a soporific drug on those flights, I would . . . and I've realized I can! I can give them the zombie drug of our favorite wholesome DVDs played on this ever-so-light DVD player! My plan is that when we're not on an airplane, the player will be hidden away in a closet and forgotten about. But we had to try it out today to see how it works! The kids and I are flying in a couple of weeks, so I will report how blissful the flight is . . .


  1. Nice!! Are there two headphone slots just in case they have trouble hearing on the flight?

  2. Sarah Faith: Yes, there are two head phone slots. I also ordered two children's head phones, which have now shipped and will be here soon. They are not only small for children's heads, but have a limit to their noise, so children cannot hurt their eardrums.

  3. the association of the DVD player for a specific event/duration is a great thing. We ration out such electronic treats in that manner as well and have had great success with it not becoming an expectation or a whiny demand. Good job! I hope it helps your flight be a smooth one.

    I was really glad when I flew from Alaska to DC and back that I did NOT have any kids with me... that flight made me want to crawl the walls! :D

  4. oh Katherine, could you post where you got these headphones? I've never seen something like that and my kids need headphones for school (computer class) activities... I'd like to make sure their little ears aren't being singed prematurely... :P

  5. We have a DVD player in our van and my kids know that they only get to watch movies on long car trips. Which is 2 hrs or more. We usually make a 16 to 18 hr trip each summer and I couldn't imagine not having the movie break. They are allowed one movie each day...we break the trip up into 2 days. I also use it for Religious Ed nights. My 2nd grader goes to class and I sit in the van with the 3 younger kids until it is time for Mass. A short Dora Dvd is just right.
    Blessings on your trip!

  6. Christine: We bought these Sony MDR222KD children's head phones at Wal-Mart online: