Monday, August 7, 2017

"Esther, the Musical"

And that's a wrap, folks! "Esther, the Musical" has been seen in its two live performances at our parish and now our summer production is concluded. John (10) played one of the seven Stooges (the Ignored Junior Stooge) as well as one of the two Couriers, and Mary (8) played one of Queen Vashti's Attendants (the one with the violin) as well as Ensemble (a Jewish towns person).

I got to attend a Wednesday dress-and-tech rehearsal, just in case . . .

Wednesday's dress rehearsal

Our whole family tried to attend on Saturday evening, but Thomas (2) didn't even last through the first half. I was at peace walking him around outside because I'd had the gift of seeing the performance already. But, boy, am I weak at this point! Just that evening exertion tuckered me out for the whole next day.

On Sunday, Chris attended the musical again with Margaret, while I caught up with the little boys just in time for curtain call and the fun cast party. (Mary changed out of her costume before I could find her for our family photo.)

Don't worry: the sour faces of Margaret (6) and Joseph (4) were results of very petty childhood concerns and vanished moments later.

The Sunday crowd was standing room only, kids ending up lining the bleachers in back too. Hundreds of people! It was so exciting!

We couldn't have committed to doing this musical during a "pregnancy summer" if Chris hadn't agreed ahead of time to do almost all the work of driving to and from to rehearsals: thank you, honey!

Congratulations to John and Mary, along with all the cast, crew, and directors, for a job well done!

[Photos and video by the audience were not allowed for licensing reasons, so the directors took gorgeous photos with a good camera themselves: I will post those here for posterity later this week when they become available.]

All the photos are available by clicking on this link. I've posted below photos that have my two children in them. The video of the musical is yet to come.

Backstage Fun

Scenes from the Musical

Curtain Call

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  1. such a great opportunity for the kids!!
    Waiting on baby is one of the hardest things a mother ever has to do!!!!!!