Thursday, April 6, 2017

Myrtle Beach: Tuesday

For Tuesday's breakfast, we ventured to Dino's Pancakes, which was nestled along a strip of local pancake joints.

Then we were off to enjoy go-karting, which is, apparently, a really big thing here in Myrtle Beach. Thomas (20 months) and I were just along for the ride, so didn't buy tickets: I brought my book to read in the shade.

Go karting!

Suffice to say, the children all had a fabulous time (except Thomas, who threw tantrums all morning). Both Daddy and Pop-Pops were available to ride with Margaret (6) and Joseph (4) on the faster tracks, although those two could drive their own vehicles on the slower tracks.

Margaret and Joseph were so funny to watch that I laughed till tears were in my eyes. They drove slowly, cautiously, and with such concentration that a smile never crossed their faces--but they didn't crash! They tell us they loved it.

At lunch time, I took Thomas to the van to drive around so he could nap, while the rest of the gang kept go-karting for another hour or so. Then we headed back to the condo for piano practice and CCE memory work, followed by swimming in the pool, pizza dinner, and an evening venture to the beach.

About as deep in the ocean as Mama ventures

The best family portrait of many attempts

Afterward, we all enjoyed popcorn while the kids (sans sleeping baby) watched a kid movie in the bedroom while the adults watched "Patriots Day" (about the Boston marathon bombing) in the living room.

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  1. Hey, you tried for the family shot. Looks like the kids enjoyed the water. Must have been cold, though.