Thursday, April 13, 2017

Maundy Thursday 2017

Remind me next year that is is delusional to think that Holy Week will include regular schoolwork (or any school work). I just have to face that Holy Week and Easter Octave are both off from school.

This has been such a busy week full of volunteer work for church, housecleaning, planning meals, grocery shopping, doing preparatory cooking before Easter, stuffing 300 plastic eggs, wrapping Easter gifts and preparing the baskets, shopping for Easter outfits and shoes, ironing outfits, and attending to minutiae, all while no Magical Fairy comes along to relieve me of my normal mothering and housekeeping duties. This is how family memories are made, right?

Stuffing the eggs for Sunday's hunt

Stuffing the eggs for Sunday's hunt

Baking pound cake for Saturday night

On Maundy Thursday, a half dozen families joined together to pray the Stations of the Cross outdoors at a local parish.

The most exciting station had active construction vehicles working behind it. The little boys were particularly enthralled while we prayed there, and Thomas (20 months) kept exclaiming, "Wow! Wow!"

Construction at one of the Stations

Then we enjoyed a picnic lunch at play at a nearby playground.

Picnic lunch

In the evening, Chris took the two oldest children to Tenebrae Mass, the beginning of the first traditional Easter Triduum in the history of this diocese. Below are several photos taken by the professional photographer.

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  1. I was having the very same thoughts about school on Holy Week today. I thought I was going to put in a full week. (Ha, those delusions again). I think we will be officially schooling year round next school year so we can build in appropriate and realistic breaks around the holidays.