Saturday, April 22, 2017

Charlotte Arborists' Association's Tree-Climbing Competition

Thanks to the L----- family for tipping us off to the annual Charlotte Arborists' Association's Tree-Climbing Competition this weekend (see here): what a neat (and free) event! The crowds were low and the gorgeous weather in the 70s made it an easy family outing.

Walking into Freedom Park
The event was sponsored by Husqvarna, so there were many tents selling Husqvarna equipment, which was fun for Dad and the kids to look at.

After watching some of the professionals climbing at about a half dozen roped-off giants of trees, we participated in the Kids' Climb. Each child was put into professional climbing gear and given ground crew and tree support to "learn the ropes." (Even kids as young as about three had small-enough professional gear to wear and could swing low to the ground.)

Waiting in line

Getting instructions from "Moose"
Photo taken by the crew, with Mama in the background


The youngest and most cautious kids just got to "swing" on the rope, which is what Joseph (4) did. He loved it.



Even though Chris told the crew that our kids would go as high as they were allowed, the crew didn't at first believe him about Margaret (6) and had her just swinging.



But she convinced them to let her do a "limb walk," so they moved her over to another rope and when I next caught sight of her, she was way up in the canopy.

Margaret in the canopy

How high? That's the ground and she's the little person high up to the left of the blue Husqvarna flag.

Margaret in the canopy
John and Mary were simultaneously on the right hand side of the tree.


John walking a low limb

Mary in foreground, John in background



John, Mary, and Margaret went calmly and cheerfully up to fifty feet high according to the crew, whom I asked since I have little spatial skill (you should see the family watching me to try to back our behemoth van down the long, curving driveway).

The crew were so impressed with our kids not being scared, and one fellow came over to talk to me (and later Chris, again) about how John "has what it takes!" and about career options as an arborist. I guess all my benign neglect as a parent, allowing my babies to climb anything and everything, gives them an avenue to one possible career!

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  1. What a unique opportunity! Those pictures of the kids dangling are cool, cool, cool. Thanks for sharing. :)