Friday, March 24, 2017

{SQT} The Big Baby Reveal

1. Daylight Savings Time

I believe we are never going to recover from the spring forward time change. What is worse is that the two littlest ones adjusted easily, but the three oldest have not, so the little ones are getting up on time (early) for our school routine and the older ones are staying up way too late, so I'm burning the candle at both ends.

2. Esther Auditions

On Saturday, John attended auditions for six hours (having memorized a monologue and song with which to audition), and on Sunday, he and Mary attended for three additional hours, to participate in Esther, the Musical at our parish this summer.

The play is mostly for children 10-18. John (10) is Courier 3!

Young siblings of a 10+ may participate if ages 8-9, but they won't be given a speaking role. Mary (8) is both one of Queen Vashti's attendants, in which role she will play a violin solo while moving across the stage, and she is in the Ensemble as a Jewish townsperson.

They'll each be in four scenes out of the 16, like all Ensemble cast.

Let the summer fun begin!

3. Margaret's Birthday

Click here to read about our third-born baby turning six years old!

Margaret received roller skates for her birthday, and she passed on her Grow-with-Me skates to Joseph (4), so the two of them are learning to skate together.

4. Chris' Knee Surgery

Chris had athroscopic surgery on Monday (Margaret's birthday) and it went very well. Through the amazing accomplishments of modern medicine, he was home two hours later, and off of prescription pain medicine and walking without crutches within 48 hours.

Big thanks go to my in-laws who stayed with us for several days to help with babysitting.

5. Mama's Anatomy Ultrasound

In case you missed the announcement, click here to see if we're having a boy or a girl!

6. Power Outage

On Tuesday, the power went out at 4:00 a.m., so I got to discover anew how overly reliant we are on electricity.

Power outage on Tuesday
Toddler wakes up when his white noise machine shuts off. Mama can't brew her coffee. Mama can't work out without a television to babysit her two littlest boys. We can't even read books without lights. We can't cook breakfast.

The three boys and I who were unlucky enough to be awake just sat there. Well, John lit candles and that was fun.

7. Miscellaneous Moments

This is what happens at 9:30 a.m. when the baby mysteriously decides that four o'clock in the morning is time to wake for the day and nothing will dissuade him otherwise. (Also, refer above to Mama feeling like death warmed over from lack of sleep.)

At least someone gets to nap

Catching a lizard with the grandparents . . .

When my closest pair of siblings (20 months apart) is fighting like cats and dogs, it sure helps to get out an enticing Preschool Workbook for my four-year-old and have the six-year-old suddenly transform into a gentle and loving teacher. They tempest ended with a poof and they then occupied each other very happily!

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  1. There truly never is a dull moment...what a week! I feel like a printed certificate should be handed out in congratulatory fashion, reading something like, "With God's grace, you made it!".
    What a good idea, to use the workbook to help the middle children get along so well.