Friday, March 10, 2017

And You Thought a Minivan Was Big

With Baby #6 coming, we've upgraded to a more spacious van. Mary made us a model in advance of the real thing arriving home.

We purchased our new-to-us (used) Ford Transit from Chris' uncle, who owns a used car dealership in Florida, which gave Chris a great excuse to take the top three kids for a road trip to go pick up the van. Said kind uncle also arranged a car rental for Chris for a bargain, so imagine Chris' surprise and John's ten-year-old boy ecstasy when he showed up at the rental agency and picked up a Camaro!

John's top interest these days is All Things Cars, so getting to ride across three states in a sports car and then tour his uncle's car dealership is going to make these two days one of the highlights of 2017.

The crew arrived home safely with the Big Van on Thursday night and we went out for a little celebratory ride, and so I could drive it briefly before my driving it on Friday morning to regular CCE. It feel like I'm taxiing in an airplane!

On this topic, we found this Family Review of the Ford Transit very helpful in making our decision--and very humorous to boot. Watch for the father's seven boys to keep popping up in the background of the film!


  1. Definitely driving the school bus now.😉

  2. How have you been liking the monster wagon, Katherine? :) I was glad we got ours after my last pregnancy as I can imagine it being a little hard to climb in/out of in 3rd trimester ;)