Friday, January 20, 2017

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Music Competition

On Saturday, John and Mary participated in the Peter Perret Youth Talent Search (click here).

2. Joseph's Birthday

On Monday, we celebrated Joseph's fourth birthday (click here).

3. Milestone

Wednesday night was the first time since I became pregnant (I'm almost 11 weeks) that I could stay awake long enough to read chapter books to the older children before bed. It has been such a vacuum that I have been reading no literature to them for two months.

4. Exercising

In another good development, as soon as I cut my Diclegis (pregnancy anti-nausea medication) in half, my energy returned enough that I could exercise for the first time in this pregnancy. I've been taking daily walks and am happy about that, even if they are slow, shuffling, and only one mile (not a fast three miles daily like I had been doing).

5. Scholastic Scenes

We had a good school week, which felt good after easing back from Christmas break, and facing a half-week next week (due to travel).

While teaching music theory, I put John on an independent assignment, while Mary occupied the two littlest boys, and I worked with Margaret. Then Mary and Margaret swapped assignments.

Margaret (5) drawing a ladybug

6. Playing Together

7. Inauguration Day

I have been feeling anxiety about this Inauguration Day, wondering if peaceful, licit protests will become violent, or outright terrorist attacks. It makes me sorrowful to note that anxiety because the wonder of our country is that we have a peaceful transition built into our system of government. We don't experience military coups, and nobody is going to make me lose my job or physically hurt me after an election if I voted for the losing party.

I had no idea who Senator Ben Sasse (R--Nebraska) was until I looked him up, but I sure did enjoy his video on the history of America's peaceful transition of power and why we should celebrate it so gratefully (click here).

Also, it has been delightfully interesting to read about the five-hour turnover of the White House Residence (click here). I think it must be fascinating types of people who are the discreet, non-partisan residential staffers who apparently experience little job turnover and serve widely different presidents over their careers.

Chris took the three oldest to CCE, where they watched the inauguration live in a classroom . . .

. . . while I stayed home sick and the two littlest and I watched the inauguration live.

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear you are feeling better and able to read and exercise a bit. :)

    I shared your anxiety about the inauguration and was glad to see that nothing huge happened.

    In our current political climate I feel like a parent watching two little kids fight over who gets to sit in a certain chair. "Just deal with it until he gets up, then you can sit there. It's not a big deal and certainly not worth hurting someone over. He let you sit there. Now don't bug your brother while he takes a turn."