Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea

This year for our annual mother-daughter Christmas tea, I took the children to Latta Plantation instead of to the (very wonderful) Ballantyne Hotel (click here for last year).

Mary (8) and Margaret (5)

The old-fashioned tea was held in the Alexander cabin, built in 1760, which is the oldest extant cabin in Mecklenburg County.

The decorations were festive and treats quite yummy, even if not gourmet delicacies prepared by the highly-paid chefs of The Ballantyne.

The event started with our making a Christmas craft of potpourri in a jar: fun!

This being a centuries old cabin heated only by one fire, it was quite chilly and the many modern, pampered children were unaccustomed to being in about 40-degree weather, even with sweaters on. Over time, most of them chose to cluster around the fire rather than stay at their seats.

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