Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Feast of St. Nicholas 2016

The children enjoy the feast of St. Nicholas so very much! It is precious to watch their excitement the night before, and their reminiscing about traditions from prior years. Traditions are very important to children!

I tried to be simpler this year in order to be more prudent with money, and to be stingy enough with candy that it would be eaten in one day without leaving stashes of candy tempting me in the house for days or weeks (like usual).

The books and decorations put out were from years past. The shoes were each filled with one candy cane, one clementine, about four chocolates, and one holy card. This year, we gave them two group gifts only--games to promote family togetherness--Charades and a ring toss game.

Thomas' first chocolate coin

I tried these St. Nicholas pancakes for the first time, and they were a big hit. (I skipped baking any cookies this year because I knew we'd be going to a party later.)

After our school morning and music lessons, we went to the parish for the annual St. Nicholas party at which "St. Nick" reads stories aloud to the children (about 75 of them?), while their shoes out in the hallway are being filled with treats, and after which they enjoy a potluck of treats.

It was a fun day for all and was the first in a series of feast days that begins with St. Nicholas and follows to St. Ambrose (honey), Immaculate Conception (white food), St. Juan Diego (Hispanic food), one day's break, Gaudete Sunday (celebration), Our Lady of Guadalupe (Hispanic food again), and the feast of St. Lucy (cinnamon rolls). Who says Advent is boring?!

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