Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Feast of All Souls 2016

My big kids were asleep last night in Atlanta apparently "at 11:30," my 7-year-old proudly tells me, and back awake at 7:00 to get on the road, racing back to Charlotte for their noon piano lessons. They have been on the go-go-go for days!

We were about to walk out the door for those piano lessons when I heard the piercing shrieks from outdoors, and I wondered even before I knew the cause of the sound if it meant we wouldn't make it to the annual trip to the cemetery I'd organized for homeschoolers to pray for the poor holy souls in Purgatory.

Joseph (3) has become so brave gliding on his Strider two-wheeler that he did a face plant on the driveway. After 15 minutes of screaming, cold wash cloth, ice, and Advil, finally he let me peek in his mouth where I saw that three teeth had cut into his upper lip . . . but not all the way through the lip! According to what I read, that meant I likely wouldn't have to take him in for stitches!

Poor, dear Josey was subdued for hours, and his lip swelled up even bigger than in the picture below, the inside is all bruised, and it's hard to understand his words right now. But, mouths heal fast, and he should be fine . . . and we were able to make it to our afternoon event of prayers and "soul cakes" (doughnuts)!

After we completed our prayers, the children ran around playing football in the adjacent fields and walking along the edges of the woods. Thomas ran wildly amongst the gravestones, wind in his fine, baby hair.

We got back just in time for Chris and the two oldest kids to load back in the car yet again to attend the Requiem Missa Cantata at 6:00 p.m. What a long few days it has been!

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