Friday, October 21, 2016

Theater: "Cinderella"

A group of girls at our Friday morning CCE program took it upon themselves to put on a play of "Cinderella." The director was probably all of 12 or 13 years old, with a gaggle of little girls following instructions as they "storyboarded" each scene, wrote the script, drew up a list of props and costumes, choreographed dance scenes, and then brought in a musician (John!) to play the score. These girls practiced for four Fridays in a row before performing the play today: as a gift to another little girl on her birthday.

It was a joy and privilege to watch these girls organize this entire event by themselves.

John playing the music

Margaret, a flower girl

Mary, the prince--crown made by herself of construction paper and sword made of cardboard and tin foil


Trying to put the slipper on a stepsister

The shoe fits on Cinderella!

Flower girls waiting for the wedding scene

Prince and Cinderella in the wedding scene

The wedding scene

The wedding scene

The wedding scene

The curtain call: all the girls and the musician!

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  1. Cutest ever!!! And how sweet to do this as a birthday gift. The creativity and initiative of homeschoolers always amazes me.