Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Feast of Christ the King 2016

The Feast of Christ the King was celebrated exquisitely at our parish. The Mass was gorgeous and was followed by a Eucharistic procession through the streets. I invite you heartily to click here to view the 300+ photos taken of the event by a professional photographer.

Also on the subject, the Charlotte Latin Mass Community hosted a priest's talk-and-dinner earlier in the week on the subject of the Social Kingship of Christ and Blessed Karl of Austria, which you're welcome to listen to her by clicking below.

After Mass and the procession, I carved pumpkins with the children.

John (9) was totally in charge of his design and cutting this year. He did it all!

I did everything for Joseph (3), but let Margaret (5) try to do some cutting, although she wasn't strong enough.

Josey looking fierce

Mama gutting a pumpkin

Mary (7) did all her own carving and guts removal.

Thomas (15 months) was not happy with the whole procedure and preferred to climb atop the kitchen table and grab knives every chance he could get.

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