Friday, September 9, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday


The Infirmary

We had such big fun plans this week that went awry because our now five weeks of respiratory illnesses going through our family finally reduced us to requiring antibiotics. Our family medical practice is cautious about use of antibiotics, as are we, and I think we've needed about three prescriptions total in nine years of parenting. This month and six doctor's appointments later, we've had eleven prescriptions for antibiotics!

I've had to write out the schedule of how often I'm giving what meds to which child and saying it is exasperating and sanctifying is an understatement.

Anyhoo, this is why we missed a family trip to go apple-picking on Wednesday. By Thursday and Friday, we'd been on antibiotics long enough not to be contagious anymore, so we were able to go about our business--including our first Scottish dance lessons (click here)!


Miscellaneous Moments

On Monday, a priest friend of ours came to visit for a lovely luncheon and game of hearts before he leaves for Rome to finish his licentiate. We had an affable, good time!

Two little boys were napping.

No food is safe lying about from this 13-month-old who can climb anywhere. Here he has found somebody's oatmeal . . .


Exercise Encouragement

When I take a neighborhood walk, I can restrain the two littlest boys in the stroller, but when I exercise at home, they are on the loose and a challenge. My latest desperate attempt is to put Thomas' high-chair by the Precor machine and talk to him in baby talk in hopes of entertaining him, while encouraging Joseph to make stacks with everything stackable he can find in the room (which entertains him and entertains his watching brother).

One morning on our walk, Joseph accidentally threw his treasured John Paul II commemoration coin (a modest trinket) into the creek. We now call me "Super Mommy!" because, in the face of my wailing boy, I crawled down into the creek to retrieve the coin for him.

It turns out that the best combination of kids going on my walk (short of no kids) is only the baby in the stroller and only Mary, who is riding her bike so can go fast.


Scholastic Scenes

Now that we're back attending CCE, we're incorporating the memory work into our daily schedule, as well as setting the new rule that we listen to the CCE memory work CD for the first 15 minutes of any car ride.

The baby beeping the timer during school time.

Writing weekly letters and receiving responses continue to be a highlight of our week. The receipt of various letters throughout the week is so very much fun.

Racing out to the porch to have privacy while reading her letter from Aunt E---.

After seven lessons, our Beautiful Feet Geography maps are really coming along beautifully.


Family Books of the Week (in progress or completed)

This week, Chris has been available to watch the baby during Reading Hour, so I've really enjoyed reading to the children while they make ornate Lego creations together. 


Meals of the Week 

. . . shared to show that "My career is homeschool mother, not gourmet chef!"

  • Sunday
    • Papa Murphy's Pizza take-out and Klondike bars for dessert
  • Monday
    • Served a luncheon for a priest guest: make-your-own sandwiches on beautiful bakery rolls, two kinds of turkey, gouda cheese slices, lettuce; deli potato salad; deli fruit salad; chips; "homemade" (from the box) brownies; iced tea and lemonade.
    • Leftovers night
  • Tuesday
    • Teriyaki chicken, fried tofu, Rice--the kids ate pasta
  • Wednesday
    • BBQ chicken, quinoa and black bean burrito
  • Thursday
    • Dinner on the road on the way home from our first day at Scottish Dance
  • Friday


Bonus Reading

This is a MUST READ for all mothers with little ones still in the home: your work is in the home. Feed those nearest neighbors first!  "The Lie of the Apostolate: How I Left my Children Poor" by Melody.

A dear soul whom I've watched grow up for almost a decade in my parish has entered Carmel. This essay written by the young lady is the crown of glory her parents can wear as they miss their daughter with natural parental feelings. (Click here.)

Read these encouraging words--especially to homeschoolers!--from Archbishop Sample at the start of the academic year (click here).
I am frequently amazed at how seriously many parents take this responsibility which God has given them. Some parents have clearly made the formation of their children in the ways of the faith the absolute top priority in their lives. I find this to be especially true among most of those in the home schooling community...

...I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough. Far too often, it seems that parents hand over the responsibility that is primarily theirs to Catholic school teachers or parish catechists. These are there to assist the parents and augment the education, faith formation, and example that the children receive in the home, within the family...

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  1. I love how similar your CCE board is to my CC board. :) And I'm so sorry you've all been battling the ick.

  2. I was intrigued by your picture of what looked like plates of prescriptions. And that's what they were! Hope everyone is back to normal soon. :)

    Those homemade poptarts look yummy!