Friday, August 19, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday


Weekend Memories

Last weekend was full of enjoyment! On Friday, I took the children to the Holy Family Playgroup at our parish, which had reserved the parish gymnasium for some air-conditioned free play while Mamas got to visit each other. We don't normally get to participate in this group because we have CCE on Fridays during the academic year.

Then on Saturday, we attended a blow-out birthday party in the morning, followed by a delightful Poetry Party in the afternoon (yes, we were so tired). At the Poetry Party, each child recited a poem (some memorized, some being read) of their own choosing, and the more practiced children in the group were amazing and inspiring. One nine-year-old from another family performed "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson (memorized and acted) so well, I was holding back tears.

Then on Sunday, some of our family attended the Latin Mass altar servers' family potluck to honor and appreciate them for the last year of service. The boys played a rousing game of dodgeball and everyone ate from a glorious potluck.

Unfortunately for me, I was having a Stinker of a Day: the five-year-old felt sick before Mass, but we weren't sure it was something real or not, so we proceeded ahead to Mass. While there, she was weeping and curled up in a ball with a vomit bag, sure she was going to be sick. I waited in the bathroom with her for half an hour while she wailed and shuddered, before taking her home, leaving Chris with three children at church. But then she rallied and was absolutely fine! We missed the party, the baby's nap got shorted before Mass and then in the afternoon because I had to wake him to go pick up Chris and the gang from church. Then--just as a deluge rain storm tore from the sky--I had to attend a five o'clock Mass to fulfill my obligation: the guitar Mass with immodestly dressed lady lector, and my baby wailing the whole time. Leaving my family at an 'off time' messes up our whole routine, there were discipline problems during the evening, and then my baby mysteriously kept waking up after he was asleep for the night, so I still couldn't do any of "my" work. My will was at odds with God's will Big Time on Sunday, and instead of responding with holy resignation, I threw an adult temper tantrum.

But the rest of the weekend was quite enjoyable for everyone!


Triumphs of Thomas

We have first words!!!

Thomas (13 months today!) has long been saying "Mama" and "Dada," although it is hard to know for sure that they are intentional. As the kids point out, he cries "Mama!" when he is mournful, and "Dada!" when he is happy.

But in one week, he began intentionally saying "bye-bye!" (while he waves his hand) and "up," when he climbs. Are those not perfect first words for this adventurous fellow?

Speaking of climbing, now he can push a chair over and climb atop the kitchen counter. I am doomed.

Thomas now tries to get himself a cup of water from the dispenser.

Thankfully, this week he began signing WATER, so he can get water just by asking us.


Miscellaneous Moments

Lately, Chris has been taking our children to Tuesday music lessons (where he works remotely), but he wasn't able to this week, so I dropped off my three oldest and took my two littlest for a walk on the trail right near the music studio.

It was fun to listen to my three-and-a-half-year-old tell me all his important thoughts uninterrupted. His catch phrase these days is, "Mama, I have to tell you something."

Afterward, as we drove back to the studio, Josey informed me calmly that "there is some kind of bug on the ceiling above you." Then, "I think it's a spider." Frankly, I didn't believe him, but I pulled over to look and, indeed, there was a fuzzy, jumping spider on the ceiling of the van, whose discovery meant--OBVIOUSLY--that I could no longer drive. I armed myself with old fast food napkins and an empty Ziplock bag. With these primitive instruments of death, I gathered all my courage, squished the spider with the napkin, and encased what I hoped was his corpse in the Ziplock bag.

It was this dramatic action or I was going to have to put the boys in the stroller and abandon my van on the side of the rode while I walked back to the music studio.


Scholastic Scenes

We are really enjoying writing pen pal letters every Friday! Last week, even I wrote to someone a snail mail letter. We're receiving letters back now throughout the week, which brightens any day. My husband found some old-fashioned resources reproduced online to help teach the art of correspondence.

Starting to have older children means I can sometimes hand off tasks, like reading a book during Morning Basket while I'm changing a diaper or washing the dishes.

As I try to supervise music practice more closely, I've been bringing Mary into the kitchen while I'm cleaning or cooking . . . do you live in the kitchen all day like I do?

Thomas comes in and dances in circles to the music.

Of course, he wouldn't dance once I got out the video camera . . .

Week 5 and I'm really liking the IEW composition program!

Wondering why Margaret (5) was quietly content in her bedroom for so long, I discovered her covering many slips of paper with her and her sister's names in cursive. So endearing!


Family Books of the Week (in progress or completed)


Meals of the Week 

. . . shared to show that "My career is homeschool mother, not gourmet chef!"

  • Saturday
    • After attending a birthday party at one home all morning and a poetry party at another home all afternoon, I doubt we'll need any dinner.
  • Sunday
    • Altar servers' annual potluck at church, with me contributing homemade macaroni and cheese, plus store-bought chocolate cake
  • Monday--The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Tuesday
    • Random frozen things to clear out our freezer, as Chris was supposed to be at a business dinner . . . but then he walked in the door. Oh well!
  • Wednesday
    • I had a dinner planned, but we ended up eating out at fast food due to a late doctor's appointment that sprang up.
  • Thursday
    • hamburgers, tater tots, pasta, corn on the cob
  • Friday
    • planned: cheese calzones, salad, zucchini


Bonus Reading

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  1. "As the kids point out, he cries "Mama!" when he is mournful, and "Dada!" when he is happy." This is totally what Bea does as well. I guess I'm okay not being the fun one...

    Sometimes adult temper tantrums happen. The best punishment is a time out (with a good book), I think. :)

    Thanks for sharing those links; I look forward to checking them out!