Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day 2016

This was our first year participating in our neighborhood parade--what a festive event!

We festooned our bicycles with Dollar Tree store decorations at half past nine on a July morning, by which time here in the South it is not quite as hot as Hades yet, but it is hot enough that sweat was pouring down our backs and faces.

We met over at the designated cul-de-sac where a fire truck led the route and our community police officer, Office Jackson, pulled up the rear.

We finished up at the club house where the children got to meet the fire fighters and go inside the truck, which is grand fun when you're a kid.

Then we enjoyed a gratis lunch at the pool and some swimming; I, for one, am hopeful that I lost a few pounds just from the sweating I did while I waited at the table while Chris took turns taking in the youngest children who can't yet swim.

Mary about to leap off the divine board (when a man walked in front of my camera)

After a much-needed nap and Quiet Time, and fun family Gin Rummy game in the air-conditioned house, we headed over to some friends where four families were gathering for dinner--BBQ sandwiches, grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, green salad, collard greens, watermelon, cupcakes, cookies--and fireworks.

Joseph had requested to bring his protective ear muffs so he wouldn't hear the fireworks so loudly.


Sixteen children watching fireworks

How cute are these friends, six months apart?

I missed the really big fireworks in the second half of the 90-minute show (!) because Thomas became too frightened, so I took him indoors. Our hosts put on a great show.

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  1. I had a moment to read this fun post. What a wonderful way to celebrate the gifts God has given. I love Joseph's protective muffs, sweet boy! I must remember this trick to help enable little ones to enjoy the festivities.