Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Writer, the Melancholic

Daddy was playing catch with the four children outdoors, each clamoring to be the next one to throw the ball, the next to catch the ball.

It is all too easy for a somber, quiet five-year-old to get lost in such a mix. Certain temperaments might get angry, throw a temper tantrum, someone else might try to charm her way into receiving the ball.

The melancholic Margaret silently walked into the house, where I discovered her hunched at the kitchen table writing this note:

"Der Daddy, I wont to cach the bol."

I watched her fold her missive into straight lines with great care, walk outside, hand it (silently) to her father, turn on her heel, and return indoors to wait for a reply.

She wasn't angry, but I admit (no surprise to many) that I understand the desire to write out one's feelings and thoughts instead of speaking them. This is how a melancholic gets her message delivered!

Daddy called Margaret out so that she could be the privileged one to catch the ball for a while. She was so pleased with how that method worked, that a half hour later when it was announced that we had to get dressed for Mass, she wrote another letter to him:

"Daddy, wi do we haft to go to Mas?"

The second letter didn't work, but it sure was cute!

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  1. I love watching my kids use their emerging writing skills in real life. Even if it's a post-it note that says "Kep Awt" on the door. :)