Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Poetry Tea May 2016

On Wednesday, we were tickled to host a Poetry Tea with another family--you can read more about such Poetry Teatimes at Bravewriter (click here).

There are many useful lessons to be learned through such a lovely gathering!

My children got to practice meal planning as we shopped at Aldi's (the discount grocery store) the week before and picked up so many delectable treats for a steal. They got to practice time management as we still did a full day of school before cleaning up, decorating, and cooking for tea time.

The dining room for the older children

We set up two tea areas: one in the dining room for the four oldest children (where the baby got to be the 'mascot') and one in the kitchen for the four youngest children.

Poetry books for the older children

Food for the older children

Our older children

We got to practice our manners (and see which ones are oh-so lacking!), our recitation of poems (memorized or not) with volume and emotion, and paying attention politely to others.

John chose all his readings from Shakespeare.

The table and food for the younger children

Poetry books for the younger children
Margaret (5) was the oldest child at the younger table, which is a precarious social position to hold. She protested once, noting that she was really "almost the same age as A-----." "Well, no honey, she's almost three years older than you, actually." I pointed out that she would be the oldest child at her table and could be a 'table captain' of sorts, a hostess and teacher of the younger children how to behave at a tea. Being in charge is a pretty good deal, if you have to be at the little kids' table!

One mommy reading to the younger children

Being at separate tables allowed the younger children to be finished first: once they seemed antsy, they were freed to go play in the back yard. The older children lasted longer and really enjoyed the round robin of reading poetry aloud to each other. When they were finally done, they got to practice clearing the table (and later, my kids: cleaning up from the whole event) before going in the back yard to run off their energy while the two mothers chatted.

All in all, a success and an enjoyable break of the routine!

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