Saturday, May 7, 2016

Margaret's First Piano Recital

We are so pleased for Margaret (5) for playing successfully in her first piano recital! 

She has been taking lessons for just more than a year, starting shy of her fourth birthday, but I didn't start requiring daily practice until the last few months (not out of principle but because I am tired and spread thin among my duties). She desperately wanted to play in a recital like her big siblings, but our studio requires standards to do so: two hands, two pieces, both memorized, and played evenly.

Margaret before the recital

Finally, Margaret was ready . . . albeit a bundle of nerves! I promise, she was excited and happy before the recital when I took these photos. She's my melencholic girl.

Wearing her St. Cecilia broach

I wish I had caught on film Margaret announcing her name and her pieces, as she had practiced much and spoke beautifully to the audience.

"Ode to Joy" by Beethoven

"Scarborough Fair"

Mary and John played all ten of their pieces which they will be playing at Guild next week, and I filmed a few selections.

"Minuet in d minor" by Bach

"Williwaw" by Lynda Lybeck-Robinson

"Fuego de la Pasion" by Wynn-Anne Rossi

"Valse Triste" by Dennis Alexander

"Minuet in G" by Christian Petzold

"Softly Whisper" by Kevin Costley

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