Saturday, April 2, 2016

Biltmore Visit: Spring 2016

On Saturday, we took a day trip with some family friends to Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

We met for lunch first at Deerpark Restaurant, which is a wonderful new find. It is a white linen table cloth kind of restaurant with an exquisite buffet, but children 9 and younger eat free: a real winner for us Catholic families with big broods!

Two Catholic families worth of children

Next we were off to tour the gardens experiencing their big spring bloom. Such exquisite tulips!

"This is my favorite shirt." -Joseph (3)

What do two nine-year-old boys do as soon as we arrive at the breathtakingly beautiful, manicured gardens? Find a wide-open grassy spot to wrestle, of course!

Wrestling boys

Chris took all the children for a bit so I could tour the gardening shop all by myself--a treat!

Then the troops drove over to romp at the new playground and visit the animals.

Watching goats

Petting a rooster

Petting a mama goat

Riding the tractor

We really had a wonderful day, and Chris and I choose to mentally block out the two-hour-turned-four-hour drive home in which the sibling fighting was mean-spirited and the baby screamed for much of the time, no matter how I comforted him, until I finally wrapped my head in a blanket to deafen the sound and curled up in a ball to wait it out.

But except for that: a wonderful day!!!

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