Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Tenth Anniversary!

Ten years ago today . . . 

And ten years later . . .

The family looking at Mama and Daddy's wedding album

The family looking at Mama and Daddy's wedding album

Margaret solemnly presented me with a "diamond" necklace for our anniversary.

Roses from Chris
Family celebration for our anniversary: Our cup runneth over!

We went out for dinner as a family for our anniversary, which was festive. Chris and I were praying the whole time for success and it was one of our best dinner outings ever--despite the fact that the two littlest boys were sick and were both ready to go to sleep for the night as we were instead loading up the car at 5:30 to go out to eat! The children showered us with homemade cards and artwork. A good time was had by all.

Chris and I plan to go out alone-with-the-baby to celebrate this weekend when his parents come to visit.

I've been thinking a lot this week about how ignorant I was ten years ago about what life would look like. I certainly thought that ten years in, I would know how to be a good wife, a good mother, and a good homemaker! Each day, we're trying to figure it out.

And on that note, I share this nice blog post I came across just yesterday: "When You Think Your Love Story Is Boring" by Lisa-Jo Baker


  1. Congrats!!!! Jason and I celebrate 10 years this August :) You look so beautiful in your wedding pictures, and so beautiful now, after 10 years of laying down your life in love. Your diamond is too precious as well! :) To many more years!

  2. Happy anniversary, Katherine and Chris! It has been a beautiful 10 years!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Jason and I are 15 years in and still trying to figure it out as well. :) Loved that extra post you added too (it rings so true).