Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Night Fun

I highly recommend these two recipes and paired together: Cheddar Soup with Beer Bread.

I now want to make the oh-so-easy beer bread nightly, which would do no favor to my waistline.

Helping me bake beer bread
On Friday, Joseph (almost 3) came to own his first bicycle helmet, which he received as a hand-me-down from a mom passing out some boy items at CCE that day. He donned his new helmet during lunch time, then went around "showing all my friends" for an hour.

Helping me bake beer bread

We drove home with Joseph wearing the helmet.

He napped in the car wearing the helmet.

He wore the helmet all during afternoon play, baking bread, and eating dinner at the table.

He wore the helmet while eating gelato at a restaurant and for the drive home.

Joseph finally took off the helmet to change into his pajamas and, when he realized he couldn't sleep while wearing it, he snuggled with it in his bed as he drifted off.

Meanwhile, Friday Night Fun concluded for Chris, John, and Mary by attending the fifteenth annual Charlotte Folk Society Young Talent Showcase, where some parish friends of ours performed a gaelic song with voice, violin, and piano. It was a really wonderful, entertaining, and wholesome event.