Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reading Lessons

Teaching Margaret to Read: A Photo Essay 

by Mary (7)

I am lately inviting Joseph to sit with Margaret and me during her reading lessons: my reason is simply that we keep our friends close and our "enemies" closer. A near-three-year-old on the loose is a disaster waiting to happen, so if I can get him to sit with us during a lesson, then I know he is not causing mischief.

Watching him join us and engage in the lesson reminded me that this is how Mary learned to read: I was teaching John at age 4 and his sister, 23 months younger, would be sitting at the table listening. And now I'm teaching Margaret at 4 and her brother 21 months younger is sitting listening . . . and learning . . . and shouting out the letter sounds.

(I hunted around and found this darling video of Mary reading at age 3-3/4. All About Reading and All About Spelling remain my favorite curriculum of any subject!)

Along for the ride

Chewing on Mama's arm

A messy office area

Kissing baby brother

"Mama and Margaret, wave bye-bye to me!"

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